One of the greatest things about our programs for parents is the flexibility when it comes to your daily schedule. We understand that every parents schedule is already hectic enough, so that’s why we’ve carefully developed our programs to allow parents to introduce our amazing program to your little ones in a way that works best for your schedule.

Check out our options below and get involved in the program that works best for your family!



The league program runs seasonally in the Spring, Fall and Winter. This seasonal program is a 7 week program with sessions taking place once per weekend.

This program is beneficial to those parents who are just too busy during the week and still want to have their child participate on the weekends.

The League Program contains all the elements and fundamentals of the Happy Feet curriculum, to help further advance your own child’s soccer skills as they progress from the Little Toes Program all the way through the HappyFeet Advanced Program.

And of course, everything is age-appropriate and conducted in a comfortable environment to ensure that kids not only have fun, but also learn all kinds of skills along the way. This is a great way for parents and even grandparents to enjoy the league just as much as the kids do!


Lake Wood Ranch

Premier Sports Campus

5985 Post Blvd. Bradenton, FL 34211




Our weekly preschool Happy Feet classes are only 30 minutes and take place at your child’s preschool or early training center only once a week, during the day while you work. These will not interfere with their classroom learning time. These sessions will include highly structured soccer activities not only with a soccer ball, but also many other fun “props” that are sure to please.

During each and every class, we make sure that every child is having a fantastic time while also developing essential physical skills along the way.

These classes are constantly building on each other, and of course ... are always age appropriate. Each class will incorporate classic nursery rhymes, fun songs and children’s games that have been adapted to incorporate a soccer ball and general motor skill development (including introductory soccer touches!).


Intro to Soccer


Classes perfect for stay at home parents and homeschool children ages 2-8 who want to learn soccer skills during the week.

This 9 week program will be held at local parks and community centers in our area, and will be held by one of our skilled soccer coaches.